Training Liger Students

Last Sunday, nine Liger students did a training tour for the Journeys of Change, Cambodian Insights tour. We trained them to be professional and confident. During the school week we teach them in class but we want them to practice the tour route and the script. This allows them  to practice the script and learn by doing instead of just sitting in a classroom. The Journeys of Change development team had the advantage of training with Soksabike. Soksabike is a bike tour company in Battambang that provided us training when we were learning about how to create a bike business. We are very thankful to Soksabike for the fabulous experience they provided us. We are now sharing that knowledge with our 23 Liger trainees. After the training tour, The liger students told us, “they were more motivated to become a tour guide.”

During this tour, our American teacher asked us about a statue of the creature that was in front of a pagoda. We didn’t  know the answer to that, so some of the trainee students went to ask the elder for the story. They used their problem solving skills which we work on at Liger. The Journeys of Change, Cambodian Insights bike tour provides us, Liger students, opportunities to use our research skills and continuously learn about our country.

Be our next guest on a Journeys of Change bike tour, which starts on the Riverside at Phnom Penh and wanders through rural Cambodia.  The upcoming tour is Saturday, January 27, starting at 7:30am. See our website for more details or register now.

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